Best Christmas Books 2016

The month December is the month of Christmas. We eagerly wait for this day as it is like a universal celebration to us. Mainly Christmas is the celebration day of Christian but now for the globalization we take all the rituals and custom of every festival to our own. Christmas is not exceptional from them. So what’s your plan friend for Christmas day? Besides going to the church and attend Christmas party there is another thing to do in this day. You don’t understand?? I am talking about books. If you a true story lover then it will be the best way to celebrate your Christmas.merry christmas wishes 2016

Top 5 Christmas Related Story Book

A Christmas Carol

This is very old book about Christmas. It is a ghost story of Christmas written by Charles Dickens. He is very famous author no doubt but he was not the first writer who wrote about Christmas. As his childhood was very humiliating so in his writing that pain is always visible. This story is very much related with the day and its custom. Christmas ClipArt

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

This is very famous fantasy novel for children by C.S. Lewis published by Geoffrey Bles in year 1950. This name may be unknown to us because we know this as the name of Chronicles of Narnia. The story is about a magic wardrobe, there is a snowy wood inside it and Lion who lives in a placed named Narnia.

The Polar Express

Everyone must watch the movie I guess but this time I suggest you to read this book once. This is all about believe and trust. The center character is a young boy named Billy. His parents do not believe in Santa. But the day before Christmas a mysterious train takes him to the North Pole to meet his dream person.

The Snowman

If you like pictures then you can check this book once. There are no words in the book all are pictures and they are really beautiful. The author of this book is Raymond Briggs.

The Gift Of The Magi

This is very old and touchy story about a couple who had not enough money to buy a Christmas gift for them. If you read this story then you will surely spellbound to see the love, respect and the bonding of Della and Jim. The writer is none other than O. Henry. merry christmas 2016 all of you.