Borderlands 3 Wishlist Features The Fans Want To See

Borderlands series has been marked as one of the eminent pieces of works developed and created by Gearbox. By far the developers have exactly implemented the theory and formula of establishing the fans’ favorite gaming installments with every new big game of Borderlands. Back in 2012, when Borderlands 2 was initially launched, the year turned out to be Gearbox’s time. And since then Borderlands 2 has numerously been desired by the long list of Borderlands fans. But fans now want to move on with another game under Borderlands series. And Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox is certainly one of the in-things topping fans’ wishlists for Borderlands game.

Is Borderlands 3 only confined to being a Wishlist? Since we haven’t yet received any official announcements from the developers, we cannot logically take Borderlands 3 to the next level. Until Gearbox offers anything officially let us vividly check what wishlist features can get unveiled with this installment.

Borderlands 3 wishlist features

Borderlands 3 Wishlist Features

Borderlands 3 Antagonist- With Borderlands 2, we have witnessed the death of Handsome Jack. So this time our hopes recline on to speculate a new antagonist as per the new Borderlands 3 character. We just hope to get a dynamic as well as a charismatic character inside the new villain of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 New Enemies- The terrains of Pandora has somewhat become very much familiar to fans. But with an inclusion of an open world setting, fans would be left with furthermore possibilities for the game to get hyped up in terms of story.

Borderlands 3 Character- With each new installment, Borderlands fans have been familiar with new characters. An introduction of new Borderlands 3 characters will definitely be one of the in-things of the Borderlands universe. But we don’t want to witness some related lineage turning the game upside down with a wealth of nostalgia. Fans are in the hope to witness some in-depth characters in the upcoming Borderlands 3.

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When can Borderlands 3 possibly happen?

Borderlands 3 might be in its development but we have not yet received any official news from Gearbox. But with recent social reports, Randy Pitchford (of Gearbox) has posted a picture on his Twitter account that showed him clad in a motion-capture outfit. The statement clarified the brighter side of Borderlands game to be under development, where he said, “Doing a shoot….. may or may not be a psycho bandit in a video game we may or may not be working on…” Though, we hope to learn something officially about the development of the Borderlands 3 game. As per the release date, Borderlands 3 is not yet confirmed by Gearbox, and if at all the developers does so then we presume it’s not happening anytime sooner than the year 2018 or even 2019.