Cartoon HD Not Working: The Best Troubleshooting Tips For You

Cartoon HD app is that unbeatable app when we are concerned with free videos or related content. It offers beneficial features and carries no surprise of its emerging popularity over the past few days. Despite the host of premium features offered by the app, users at times face some technical glitches that can be resolved without any chaos. And that’s where our write-up to Cartoon HD not working issues is useful.

Cartoon HD Not Working: Fixing Technical Glitches

This is a common problem and can easily be solved. The steps below will help you. Each of the steps should solve the issue on its own. If it does not, only then follow the next step.

First Solution# You need to restart your device. Sometimes, the processes associated with Cartoon HD stop working in the background and in the end, the app itself stops working. Restarting your device might fix the issue.

Second Solution# You can uninstall the Cartoon HD app and then go for reinstalling it from the same setup file which was initially used by you. But note that all preset settings will get disappeared. You will need to adjust the controls and the settings of the app manually.

Third Solution# First, you need to uninstall the app and then reinstall the latest version of the Cartoon HD Apk. After doing so, you can solve Cartoon HD not working problems as new versions of Apk files always have few bugs and glitches fixed thereby solving the entire issue.

Fourth Solution# This is massive as all of the devices us firewalls that you can see in Windows PC as well.  The Windows Firewall may block the accessing process. You will need to make an exception in the Windows Firewall settings by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, visit the Control Panel on Windows device.
  • Under Control Panel, you will easily locate the Windows Firewall option.
  • Now click on the Firewall. And then on the left, find an option saying Allow a Program or Feature Through Windows Firewall.
  • A lot of options will now be available to you. You must click on the Cartoon HD entry after which click on the Change Settings option situated above the column.
  • After that click on both the boxes next to the Cartoon HD entry. You will see two tick marks appearing, press the OK option.
  • Finally, you are recommended to re-launch the Cartoon HD app on Windows.

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Wrap Up

In the end, we hope that the Cartoon HD not working issues have been solved entirely. Hopefully, our article was convincing enough to offer you troubleshooting methods in order to enjoy the Cartoon HD Apk.