FIFA 18 Gameplay is Going to Undergo a Number of Changes

Gameplay features of any video game happen to be the most intriguing aspect of a video game. Days before the launch of the game, the fans become more intrigued with what the game has got in store for them. The same goes with FIFA 18 as well. In fact, it is one of the biggest titles which are waiting in the pipeline to be launched in the course of the remainder of the ongoing year. Quite naturally, there have been lots of discussions going on around regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay.

One of the most absorbing parts of the gameplay of FIFA 18 is certainly going to be the pack of celebrations. There have been lots of talks going on for a long time regarding the pack of celebration. The gamers believe that they are going to see a number of new celebrations in this new edition of the game from EA Sports.

One of the celebration poses is expected to be the thinking pose of Cristiano Ronaldo. There is every opportunity that this one will become an integral part of the FIFA 18 gameplay features because Cristiano Ronaldo has been selected to be the cover star of this new edition of the game. That makes the chances of this move appearing much higher.

This is certainly not going to be the only one that the fans are expecting to come in. In the long list, one that cannot be missed is the ‘mannequin challenge’ celebration of Jamie Vardy. In one of the games Vardy performed this celebration with his Leicester City teammates, and the fans went crazy with that move. Also, not to forget is the ‘Dab celebration’ of Paul Pogba. The Frenchman has become one of the most popular players off the field as well, thanks to his style statement. And the inclusion of the Dab celebration could come in, courtesy to his popularity. Besides, his transfer broke all previous records of transfer fees. So there is every opportunity that it will be a part of the gameplay of FIFA 18.

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Wrap Up

It seems that we have got a never-ending list. It will keep going on as we have come across quite a few amazing celebrations in the recent past from the likes of Paolo Dybala (the Gladiator celebration), Alexandre Lacazette (Boss Celebration) and many more. If not all, few will certainly become a part of the FIFA 18 gameplay features. To get an idea of what actually happens we need to wait for a few more days, until September 29 to be precise.