Galaxy S8 to Get an All-Screen Design

Let us have a look at all that we know about the upcoming Galaxy S8!

Samsung is all set to make it big into the world of VR with the gear VR headset and the major one thing to be kept in mind is the fact that the screen of the phones need to be sharp enough to put up with the device.


QHD, as already seen in the Galaxy S7 is sharp enough as far as the phone features are concerned but if we talk about VR, it wouldn’t quite match up to it, so 4K has to be the thing in that case.

In fact, we have already seen a 5.5-inch 2160 x 3840 screen with a pin sharp 806 pixels per inch. Though there isn’t any guarantee that we are getting this screen, but the screen sure has been designed for the premium phones.

The screen size as well could undergo a change since Samsung wouldn’t want to get into the working of the Note phablets.

Samsung has already been onto something which has to be with the designing aspect of the Galaxy S6 and S7 devices. The combination of metal and glass is what has brought before the users something which is really classy and comes across as attractive. However, people also do want to see changes and with the S8, the design could be slightly a curved one and rather handy like the HTC One M9, or may be something thinner.

Not to forget, we can always expect a new design totally, something which is descriptive of a Samsung phone, but, yet again, sets a total different definition for the phones to come!

And a completely new design is always possible, but if it does have one it could take almost any form. Well, any form that’s basically a rectangle anyway.

Other features revolving around the phone are a camera with something in between 18 to 24 MP, a 3000 mAh powered battery and of course, to add on to it, a 6 GB RAM, supposedly. Something additional with the 4GB of the Galaxy S7 has to be coming, what will the boost be is something only time would tell!

There’s yet a lot to be coming from the makers in terms of the specs and the features. Until then, we can wait up for the further rumours and specs that we get to hear in about this much awaited device! we must buy galaxy s8 case with your smartphone.