‘GTA 6’ Release Date Remains Unconfirmed!

Everyone is still wondering as to when will they finally see the GTA 6 before their eyes, released, and available for play. The GTA 6 is going to be out not before 2018 and could as we delayed to as long as 2020. Looks like the GTA 6 will surely be a game changer for Rockstar games.


After a huge wait for the announcement about GTA 6, Rockstar Games has not yet given out details about what will the game have as its title, which has a lot to do with the locations. Not only have the developers skipped many meets and been silent on the GTA 6, they have also rather chosen to stay mum on an equally anticipated sequel to the western shooting game, “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Sony recently concluded an event was to unveil the new PlayStation Pro. Almost all the game developers including EA (Electronic Arts) and Activision attended the event but there were no representatives from either Rockstar Games or its parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Rockstar’s sudden absence has now brought into everyone’s minds that the game is now super delayed and that the title would be as well launched in 2018, while certain reports as well claim the delay to be as long as the 2020. True or not, the fact remains that GTA 6 Release Date is going to be delayed to an extent that it isn’t even right to think about how soon or how long is it for it to finally hit the market.

This leads us to an assumption, or rather an idea that the game is now a mystery, courtesy Rockstar’s decision of refraining totally from revealing any news or details about the game. The rumours of the delay continue to only hike up and features are kept aloof from the fans, there has also been news about the fact that Rockstar games is focusing on another major project as of now and It isn’t GTA 6. There have also been news about them currently working more on GTA 5 online rather than other to be released games of theirs.

“If rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, Rockstar and Take-Two have their hands full with “GTA V” as the game developers continue making more content for the said,” said a report.

In other words, “GTA” fans are as of now supposed to be rather focusing and being content with the GTA 5 as the GTA 6 as of now a far thing. There is a long time until we hear or read anything from the makers about the two most awaited games from the developers.