Kitchen sink buying guide

Can you imagine a kitchen without a kitchen sink? No, you probably will not be able to, what would a kitchen be without a kitchen sink right, this is why the number of kitchen sink available on the market is high and diverse. This leaves every customer at the confusion on which product to purchase and the factors to consider while purchasing the best kitchen sink. To make things easy for you, here is a buying guide that could help you.

  1. Sink material –

In beginning, kitchen sinks were not at all diverse; they were commonly made of a metal, which would be simply coating something to prevent rusting. However, today there are kitchen faucets that come made of different material

  1. Stainless steel – The most commonly used material to make kitchen sink and the most commonly preferred kitchen sink today. A stainless steel kitchen sink is a bit expensive but durable and resistant to rust and stains.
  2. Copper – If you are looking for a kitchen sink that is durable and has a natural characteristic of resisting bacteria or virus then, the copper kitchen sink is best recommended for you. However, the copper kitchen sink is expensive when compared to stainless steel or cast iron sinks.
  3. Granite – One of the most stylish and attractive kitchen sinks, this type of kitchen sink is not made of 100% granite but a mixture of granite and acrylic is blended over a resin base. Granite kitchen sinks are heat resistant and is scratch and stain resistant. However, expensive than any other kitchen sink
  4. Cast iron – if you are looking for a kitchen sink that would last for a lifetime, then cast iron kitchen sink is what you should consider purchasing. Cast iron kitchen sinks are porcelain enamel coated for durability and extreme heat resistant up to 1000 degree Fahrenheit.
  5. Number of bowls –

A kitchen sink could come with more than one bowl it depends totally on the user’s preference. If you have a big kitchen and large cleaning requirement, then a two-bowl kitchen sink could be considered. However, if you are a person who requires a budget friendly kitchen sink, then a kitchen sink with more than one bowl should be avoided, as a good quality kitchen sink with more than one bowl is expensive.

  1. Size and depth of the bowls –

As the number of bowls is an important factor to consider, the depth of bowl in a kitchen sink is also important. Before considering to purchase a kitchen sink, first, measure the under cabinet space available because as the depth of the kitchen sink bowl increases the demand for under cabinet space also increases. Once, you get the under cabinet space, then you should know that always leave some space for the drainage pipe and inlet pipe and when you calculate the depth consider this space also.

  1. Number of faucet holes –

 There are different kitchen faucets available on the market, different types of faucets have a different number of inlet ports, so, if you have already bought the faucet first then purchase a kitchen sink with holes that meets the kitchen faucet.


Consider purchasing a kitchen sink based on the factors mentioned above and you can get the best kitchen undermount sink from the market today.