What to look for when buying a new electric shaver?

The best electric shaver is the one which gives you closer shave with a perfect look.  The electric charger can be bit expensive but it houses a lot of advanced features. When you are planning to get a new electric shaver, there is something you need to consider whether you need a beard comb, waterproof shavers or quick charge and so on. So, what to look for when buying the best electric shaver? Here you go.

With the busy lifestyle, it is uncommon to hear if a gentleman saves time for a perfectly close shave. The better the lifestyle, better the tools & technology will be.  The electric shaver is widely popular and used by a lot of people across the world. Most of the modern electric shavers come with an advanced pop-up trimmer, which saves your time by hunting around your grooming engine. But, you need a pay an extra penny for such advanced electric shaver. When you are in hurry and saves time, an electric shaver with pop up trimmer is the one you should go for. Apart from that, there are a lot of things to consider.

  • Beard Combs

If you are a kind of guy who wants to maintain short facial hair or grow the beard around the face, you should have a look at the shaver with a comb attachment like Braun Series 5 electric shaver . The electric shavers come up with a beard combs that get your facial hair at the perfect size.  Shaver that includes beard comb makes much sense in trimming your short beard.

  • Waterproof electric shaver

Which one would you prefer wet or dry shaver? Well, if you would like to choose both of them, then why don’t you get a waterproof electric shaver. What might be happening when you were using the waterproof electric shower?  This amazing electric shaver will get you perfectly shaved even when you are showering. But, you are required to go through all the instructions properly before getting your electric shaver wet.

  • Quick charge

Like traditional shaver, an electric shaver requires proper cleaning to dispose of the cut skin, hair & dust particles. Cleaning your electric shaver requires no extra time due to the fact that it is an electric shaver. It can be easily cleaned under a running tap and that is what everyone doing. However, you are not supposed to do that at all time. Just read the instructions for cleaning your shaver. Most of the advanced electric shaver like Panasonic ES8103S has this quick charge feature. So, there is no need to wait for a long time to get your shaver charged.

  • Charge display

Well, you can see the digital countdown display in most of the premium cordless shavers that let you know how many hours you have left for shaving. Also, it uses indicators of different colors just to notify when your charger is charging, fully charged, completely charged etc.

Maintaining your electric shaver is not as easy as buying a new one. So, after choosing the best one, don’t forget to take care of it properly. are you looking to save some money on your next buy of shaver, here are electric shaver black friday deals.