Playstation 5 Updates: When is The New Console Releasing?

When it comes to modern-day gaming consoles, there are very few devices which truly stand out. As of now, the Sony Playstation is one of those which have carved a niche out for themselves globally. As the Playstation 5 updates keep on coming, it is imperative that the release date of the new console is dealt with as well. For that, we have taken account of a few things: first is the historical aspect, the second the market forces which control such device launches, and the third being the experts’ opinions. These experts all have long years of experience and considerable standing.

Playstation 5 Updates: What Do The Experts Say?

As far as the new console is concerned, there are divergences in opinion on when the new gadget will come out. Take, for instance, what Damian Thong, the noted Macquarie Capital Securities analyst and an expert in the business of modern gaming consoles, has to say. Thong has stated that the new Playstation 5 may release by 2018, which is just around the corner. This has, however, been contradicted by another noted expert.

This other expert is the noted Michael Pachter, who is well regarded in the gaming community as someone who makes level headed predictions for the devices of the future. In fact, Pachter’s opinions on gaming, electronics, and consumer electrical devices have been proven to be correct very often. Pachter has stated that he believes that the latest Playstation 5 updates indicate a 2019 or a 2020 release date, and not before that.

PS5 updates

Playstation 5 latest updates

There are many reasons as to why Pachter has said what he has said. He has, for example, called the PS4 Pro a “half step” between the Playstation 4 and the upcoming PS5. This means that Sony will take some lessons from how the PS4 Pro does and will deliver the necessary tweaks to the upcoming Playstation 5.

Pachter has said that given the historical precedents, it cannot be surmised that Sony will shorten the product life cycles. Because this would cause insurmountable disruptions and the future product life cycles.

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Now, however, a third voice has spoken out. This is that of Sony’s Shawn Layden, who is regarded as an industry insider and can also be considered as a reasonably independent voice on these matters. In an interview with a German website, Layden said that the wait for the PS5 could be longer and he also indicated that a early release for the PS5 would be premature.

Wrap Up

We hope now you have got an idea about what the new console is going to bring after going through the Playstation 5 updates. Do keep an eye here for more information about the gaming console.