Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: What the Phone Has to Offer

The last release of the Samsung Galaxy flagship was released on 21st April and immediately after that the talk regarding the next flagship has started already. As per the news front nothing has been said or leaked yet, but fans cannot stop to imagine over the S9. The previous release has just making the market for itself and in between the talk regarding Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date is there.

But as per the situation is heading towards, there is hardly any possibility of the phone to come this year. If anytime sooner the brand has plans to release S9, it is April 2018, immediately after the MWC or Mobile World Congress. But even that is not sure. But as there is no news of the release date of Galaxy S9, there are certainly news of some of the possible features which can blow your mind.

Samsung galaxy s9 release date

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

Galaxy S9 rumors suggests that the phone may come with a much bigger and better battery than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Continue reading for all the rumors of Samsung’s next flagship phone. The rumor suggests the screen of the phone will be quite bigger than the previous S8. There is a possibility of it to be approx 6 inches, much increased in size than its contemporaries.

Fingerprint Sensor

 Along with this, there is a chance of the brand to work on the battery life and a better fingerprint sensor. As users we need the coming phone to have relocation than the S8 as it is right by the side of the camera lens and most of the time we wrongly smudge the lens while using the sensor. Hope this time the brand will take care of the issue.


This is another thing we need better this time and expect the band will take care of the issue. Last time too the fans expected something like Siri, and end up getting a system like Clippit. This time we ate crossing our fingers for a better version of course.

Samsung release many official case for galaxy. we just pen it down best Samsung S9 cases for your ready use.

Last words

If you have any doubt about the possible price of Galaxy S9, then we must assure you that it is sure to be expensive. As the Galaxy S8 launched at $720, £689, AU$1,199, the coming S9 too will be around the price zone. But all these knowledge and expectation becomes futile if we cannot get to know the Galaxy S9 release date. So just hold your horses and wait for it!